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Our revolutionary Instant Whitening Gloss developed by leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Robbie Hughes, are like nothing else in dental beauty or hygiene. Designed for use on the go, its quick and easy applicator is used to brush the gel formula onto teeth for an instant glossy finish. The active ingredients also help whiten teeth with daily use, making maintenance of brighter, whiter teeth easier than ever.

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    Innovative formulations

    Optimum results using the most progressive dental science on the market

    Quick and easy application

    Brush-on formula makes daily maintenance of your whitest smile as easy as possible

    Convenient subscription service

    Easy to manage product plans for fuss-free maintenance

    Whiter Than White

    An innovation in dental beauty, a tooth gloss developed exclusively by dentists in the UK. Achieve a brighter, whiter smile and prevent tooth staining throughout the day.

    • Containing the most innovative ingredients available in at-home whitening products
    • Utilising a revolutionary whitening enzyme, PAP, that actively whitens teeth and prevents the build up of further stains
    • No sensitivity, zero side effects
    • Cruelty free, vegan friendly
    • Made exclusively in the UK

    How it Works

    How Does It Work

    Dr. Robbie Hughes explains how the product works, how to apply and the key benefits of using the Millionaire Smile regime for a brighter, whiter smile.


    Follow these steps to learn how to apply the product for optimum results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Read some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Teeth Whitening Kit. Visit our FAQs page if you have another query.

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    For optimum results, the kit should be used for 6 consecutive days, for 20 minutes a time.

    No, not at all. All products in the Millionaire Smile range have been developed by dentists using the latest innovations and premium ingredients available in dental science. Users will not experience any discomfort or sensitivity as a result of using the Millionaire Smile products.

    The Whitening Kit uses the LED light in the mouth device to speed up the active ingredients in the whitening gel, which is applied to the mouth tray. The gel has been specially formulated using the latest advancements in dental science, and uses a papaya enzyme (PAP) to oxidise stains on both the surface of the tooth and internally, simultaneously, delivering superior whitening results that last longer, without damaging tooth enamel.

    As a leader in his field, Dr. Robbie Hughes is a pioneering dentist in the UK, and through his professional academy, is raising the standard of cosmetic dentistry all over the country.

    Unimpressed with the quality and professionalism of at-home teeth whitening products that were available on the market, he set about creating his own, using the most progressive dental science and innovative ingredients available on the market.

    The only at-home whitening kit manufactured exclusively in the UK by a professional dentist, the range is comprised of four key products, each designed to be best in class, built around a regular regime that produces a whiter, healthier smile with absolutely no side effects, and without compromising on overall oral health.​​​​​​