Our Story

Millionaire Smile is the revolutionary new dental beauty brand developed by leading cosmetic dentist to the stars, Dr. Robbie Hughes.

As a leader in his field, Dr. Robbie Hughes is a pioneer in the UK, and through his professional academy, is raising the standard of cosmetic dentistry all over the country.

Unimpressed with the quality and professionalism of at-home teeth whitening products that were available on the market, he set about creating his own, using the most progressive dental science and innovative ingredients available on the market.

 The only at-home whitening kit manufactured exclusively in the UK by a professional dentist, the range is comprised of four key products, each designed to be best in class, built around a regular regime that produces a whiter, healthier smile with absolutely no side effects, and without compromising on overall oral health.

Millionaire Smile uses a revolutionary ingredient in its products called PAP, a highly effective whitening enzyme that removes both surface and internal staining simultaneously, providing optimum, longer lasting results, without the use of peroxide.

Due to the absence of peroxide in the range, Millionaire Smile products produce no increased sensitivity to teeth, yet still yield incredible whitening results, making the range suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive teeth.

Over a year in the making, the regime has been carefully crafted to produce the most impressive results that will last, without damaging the surface of the tooth, with products that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

Millionaire Smile offers the best alternative to professional teeth whitening procedures available on the market, and the entire range is vegan friendly and cruelty free, never tested on animals.

All products in the Millionaire Smile range are produced in the UK and adhere to strict industry guidelines, providing customers with the reassurance they are buying the best products available on the market, developed exclusively by a dental professional.