Introducing the Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Strips

Millionaire Smile sponsored a clinical trial of our Whitening Strips to prove their tooth whitening effectiveness. The trial consisted of 21 test subjects (14 female / 7 male) who used the toothpaste twice a day for a total of 14 days.


Before the test subjects began using the Whitening Strips, a record of their current tooth shade was taken by a dentist in a controlled environment. The dentist then took another record immediately after the first single-use of a whitening strip and then again after 14 days of use.


The conclusive results were as below:


A clinical study under dentist's control proved statistically significant clinical evidence that after 14 days use tooth whitening effect of mean 3 points to the tooth colour shade was achieved, in addition to immediate shade improvement after a single-use.


 The clinical trial also discovered the following points:


  • 90% of subjects agreed that the whitening strips were easy to apply
  • 86% of subjects agreed that their teeth were whiter after use
  • 81% of subjects agreed that the whitening strips were easy to use
  • 86% of subjects agreed that the whitening strips visibly improved the whiteness of their teeth


If you would like to read the full clinical trial report in PDF form then you can do so by download a copy here.




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