We know - It’s been a while. But we are BACK!

We know - It’s been a while. But we are BACK!

Hello & welcome back to Millionaire Smiles Daily Dental Blog! 

We know it’s been a while & we can’t apologise more, so we have decided to update you on what’s going on at the Millionaire Smile Dental Lab.

In December 2019 we launched with our brand new teeth whitening range, due to the overwhelming success (thank you!!) We completely sold out in just a few quick months. 

Just when we thought it was going great, we were unfortunately hit with a few supply issues during the first peak of covid-19. This led to a complete downtime in our products manufacturing process & mass stock issues. The key ingredients used in our unique formulations were threatened by global industry shortages, however with ingredients slowly coming back into supply we are now able to begin the process of restocking our products. 

Instead of letting the virus get the better of us, we decided to use this valuable time to help better & improve our range, planning for newer, more innovative products with the latest oral hygiene ingredients & technology. 

We decided we would come back bigger & better in winter 2020. 

So, what will be new? 

Well, firstly we don’t like ruining surprises so you’ll just have to wait and see! But what I can tell you is, our fabulous Volcanic White Glow Toothpaste has been reengineered & reformulated to give you a better brushing experience & a brighter smile. It has been clinically tested to whiten your smile by 3 shades when used correctly. 

Next, our Millionaire Smile Teeth Whitening Kits have had a complete redesign! Think - opulence & sophistication!

And finally, the Millionaire Smile Instant Whitening Gloss has been redeveloped into a sleeker, more ergonomic design to offer a better, quicker teeth whitening solution. 

Excited? We definitely are!

Got any questions? Feel free to drop them below in the comments & a member of Millionaire Smile will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, speak soon! 

Lots of love, 

Team Millionaire Smile. X

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