Millionaire Smile at the Gossies

Millionaire Smile at the Gossies
Millionaire Smile was recently featured at the 2020 Gossies celebrations in Dublin!

Plus has published an exclusive interview with our founder, Robbie Hughes, where they discover how Robbie became to be the dentist to the stars!


From Kickboxing World Champion to the Principle Dentist at smile transformation clinic, Dental Excellence, in Liverpool. Robbie tells his full story of how he got to where he is today and why Millionaire Smile is the next revolutionary at-home whitening regime.

Robbie Hughes Launches Millionaire Smile

Robbie explains that Millionaire Smile "is a revolutionary new dental beauty brand which we’ve launched to further support those individuals looking to improve or maintain their oral health & smile aesthetics.

"We have truly created something amazing, with our PAP technology teeth whitening products which leave zero sensitivity, our toothpaste tablets to cut the billions of toothpaste tubes which are binned every year, and our market-leading range of oral care products.

He goes on to say that he is "genuinely focused on helping to solve the problems which are ongoing in the dentistry world – and so, Millionaire Smile was the next logical move."

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